Beauty is reality

MISSHA has been leading the Korean cosmetics market by researching the daily beauty of customers based on the needs and data of over ten million customers.

In 2023 we launched the “Beauty is Reality” campaign with celebrity endorsement by Elizabeth Olsen as the global brand ambassador. Taking a step forward as a global beauty brand, the campaign delivers the key message that beauty is part of everyone’s daily life.

Elizabeth Olsen

Proven by its ingredients

With effects-focused ingredients that contain only the necessities, we provide the best ingredients that focus on essence and function while delivering excellent results until the very end.

Proven by its absorption

We offer safe ingredient benefits to the skin through the use of advanced custom absorption technology that fully delivers the effects of our carefully selected ingredients.

Proven by its research

Based on the needs and data of  10 million customers, we take a deeper approach to various skin concerns in a rapidly changing environment. We have thoroughly verified the effects and safety of our carefully selected ingredients and products using our custom absorption technology.

We have had a wonderful journey over the past 20 years.

We have been a leader in Korea’s cosmetics market.

We have listened closely to the skin-related concerns of our customers to create results that meets their needs. Based on the needs and data of over 10 million customers, we continue to develop safe and advanced solutions to deliver the most effective results.

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