INCI list revision

  • Analysis of each ingredient looking forward if this is legal to be sold in Europe following the Cosmetic Regulacion 1223/2009.

Label compliance

  • Revision of labelling and claims to achieve it accumplish the Cosmetic Regulation.

CPNP registration

  • INCI list revision + label revision + CPNP Registration (European Cosmetic Portal)

Product information file (PIF)

All the revision to accomplish the total European Cosmetic Regulation:

  •  INCI list revision
  • Labelling Compliance.
  • CPNP Registration.
  • Evaluation of each detail of the product like lab tests, packaging, raw materials characteristics…
  • Safety Dossier (Safety Information and Assessment).

European responsible person (RP)

Trending Corporate will be the Responsible Person in Europe for your brand. This service include the notification in CPNP portal and the legal responsibility of your brand in Europe.


  • For any change, ask the technical team.

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