• Containers, pallets, boxes and restricted area for high value items.
  • We have centres with domestic warehousing and bonded warehouse (DA-DDA). (Bonded warehouse)

Stock Control

  • Sorters: automatic classification systems.
  • RFID.
  • WMS technology to ensure stock visibility and reliability.

Added value operations

  • Reconditioning
    Alarming/disarming, labelling, bagging, packing, boxing.
    Re-labelling of products for local market according to regulations.
    Quality control of articles.

Order preparation

  • Order picking for retail (initial collections), replenishment and returns.
  • Combined packaging systems.
  • Delivery operations to large retail outlets.
  • Special protection systems for valuable products.
  • Consolidation of goods.

Reverse logistics

  • Gestión ágil de las devoluciones de producto (retail, ecommerce y departamentales).
  • Agile management of product returns(retail, ecommerce and departmental).
  • Verification of the quantity of returns from stores/distributors.
  • Operations of classification, recovery and conditioning of the product to return it to the available stock.